How To Effectively Manage a Remote Team

With digital entrepreneurs being on the rise, the need for virtual teams has also risen. Therefore, having remote employees as well as getting them on board is part of digital entrepreneurship. While this is the preferred workplace for some employees, some managers might find it a little challenging when it comes to trust level and management. However, this is basically where the world is going, and managers need to embrace this. Therefore, as a digital manager, you might be wondering how you can ensure that your remote team is doing exactly what was assigned to them or how you can motivate the team, well, you do not have to worry anymore because this article has all the information you might need about that.

Organize your work

To boost any type of business, a manager must ensure that he or she has a proper structure. Managing many people from different parts of the world without the knowledge of what everyone is working on and in the same time you have a lot of projects in your hand can really turn the work into chaos. Therefore, it is important that a virtual manager must create procedures and also implement the project management systems. He or she must also set rules and give the rules to everyone in that team. He or she should also create a work plan of the main tasks that you expect the team to have achieved by the end of the week, by doing this; your remote team will be in a position to understand what you expect of them and hence work productively.

Organize regular face to face meetings

This is normally a major challenge when dealing with a remote team. This is because everyone is on a different time zone. However, you can do it; you should ensure that you engage them in a weekly virtual face to face meeting by using various communication channels. Then afterward, you can organize for a regular face to face real life meeting; it can be monthly or annually. This will enable your team to experience a special connection between them, and you will also be in a position to understand the kind of people that you are working with. With virtual face to face meetings, you and your team will be in a position to share any information related to your work and feedback. Failure to do this, your team might end up being disoriented; it can also lead to unnecessary delays and might also lead to miscommunication. It is therefore important that you engage your remote team in order for them to feel included in the most important aspects of the company.

Know what the team needs from you

Just like other teams, your remote team should also be given your support and help whenever necessary. This can be done by ensuring that you have regular meetings with them and encourage them to air their views and complains in that meeting so that you can listen to them and give them a hand if they might need any help. You can also create an internal blog for the staff members only which they can use to share any information. As a virtual manager, you should always check in on your team and see how the team is getting on, and if there is anything they need from you, you should be ready to help. It is also important that you encourage them to regularly share their achievement and issues with you, with this; you will be in a position to provide your team with everything they might need.

Use the time tracking tool


This is an essential asset when it comes to keeping your employees on toes. It will help you in keeping your employees on track, reviewing the performance of your employees, setting your objectives clear as well as increasing the productivity of your team. You must first introduce the tracking tool technology to your team and also let them be aware of how they can use that technology to their advantage. You should be able to let them understand that this technology can be in a position to help them in managing their time. This will enable your team to be mindful about the time they spend on particular tasks assigned to them, hence, will also help in fighting distraction and improving concentration. As a manager, time tracking tool enables you to avoid over paying or underpaying someone. You will be in a position to pay someone according to his or her work time expense. With time tracking tool, every team member will feel like he or she is in charge of his time. In addition, they will be able to spot activities that are unproductive as well as the weak points in their performances and take action of correcting them.

Encourage transparency

You must be transparent with your employees for them to be transparent with you. This will make it easier for them to open up about any issue that they might have, they will also feel free to share their opinions and discuss projects and hence you and your employees will get to know each other more. You should be able to get them involved in all aspects of the company and let them know the visions and objectives of that company. You should then set your expectations clear and also tell them something that is off work about yourself and allow them to also talk about themselves.

It is challenging to manage a remote team, and this is because you will need to organize a process that is meaningful, monitor the activities of the team members, and also keep track of the work process which is not as easy as that of an office. However, if you follow the above simple ways, you will manage to do it. You will also be able to get yourself a group of loyal, productive and hardworking team members who will help you to reach your company’s vision.